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Game Grumps Animated

2015-07-10 08:50:44 by Shapow64

Almost done the Game Grumps animation almost…5315886_143653258962_GGParody.jpg

Street Fighter5 Concept art

2015-06-26 23:22:04 by Shapow64

5315886_143537514721_StreetFighterConceptart.jpgStreet Fighter 5 concept art for an upcoming animation.

Game Grumps Animated

2015-05-24 00:37:31 by Shapow64

working on the GameGrumps Animation.5315886_143244213723_GameGrumps.jpg

Seven Star Re-animate collab

2015-05-18 22:35:00 by Shapow64

Almost done the Seven Star Re-animate collab Scene.5315886_143200305221_DragonBallReanimate.jpg



Game Grumps Animated

2015-03-07 23:08:29 by Shapow64

Game Grumps Animated is coming soon. 5315886_142578760091_GameGrumpsParody.jpg

play button

2015-03-04 08:45:05 by Shapow64

5315886_142547667211_Untitled-1.jpgHow do I get this?

Submit videos

2015-03-03 19:51:25 by Shapow64

Can anyone tell me where I can get the video caption when submitting videos?